Your vacation paradise

Curaçao is the largest of the three Leeward Islands, located in the Caribbean Sea, with an area of 444 km2 and currently has more than 150,000 inhabitants. The beautiful capital city of Willemstad is on the world heritage list and is a feast for the eyes for any tourist. The landscape is mostly flat, the northwest of the island is hilly and the highest peak is Mount Christoffel.

Curacao is a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and until October 2010 part of the Netherlands Antilles. Now it has become an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands with its own currency is Antillean guilder (ANG abbreviation).

The basic languages on Curaçao are Dutch and Papiamento, but almost everybody speaks English and Spanish as well. The climate is ideal to enjoy a wonderful holiday in the sun; the average day temperature of 31 degrees and a wonderful trade winds provide the ideal holiday with lots of sun!

The many beautiful beaches, unique dive sites, restaurants, nature preserves, museums, and wide output life are the elements why Curaçao the ideal holiday destination for young and old, 12 months a year.